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The vision for the Atlas Genetics io® is to provide healthcare professionals with a single instrument platform capable of running an extensive range of rapid near-patient tests, based on both nucleic acid and immunological targets. This would remove the need for multiple devices in space-constrained environments.

All tests designed for the io® will follow the same key principles of providing a fully-integrated solution requiring minimal user interaction with no peripheral equipment or reagents and accurate results without the need for any interpretation, to provide a cost-effective solution for a range of different decentralised laboratories and clinical near-patient settings and non-clinical point-of-need applications.

Menu Extension

Although Atlas Genetics’ primary focus is to provide solutions for STIs and HAIs we are committed to growing our test menu for the io® system. The platform technology allows us to expedite the development of tests for other markers. Atlas has a development programme to extend the io® test menu for other clinical and non-clinical applications, including HSV, HPV, Group A and Group B Streptococcus, Norovirus and Sepsis.


High Multiplex Applications

Atlas Genetics’ proprietary electrochemical detection method and innovative Cartridge design means the io® is capable of high multiplex assays (24), allowing a single specimen to be tested for the presence of panels of disease targets at the same time. The initial applications are for high multiplex nucleic acid tests but the underlying principle can also be applied to immunoassays.


Companion Diagnostics

The io® technology is being employed in programmes to develop companion diagnostics applications for personalised medicine in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry partners. This includes multi-target and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) detection


The core technology of the io® system is also capable of performing immunoassays using the same instrument. Atlas has an R&D programme to exploit the immunoassay capabilities of the io® technology in high-sensitivity, quantitative applications, with the potential for multiplexing.


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