io® System

The Atlas Genetics io® system is a pioneering rapid diagnostic platform designed to detect the presence of infectious diseases such as STIs, where a quick, actionable test result provided on-demand can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Designed to meet CLIA Waiver, the platform comprises of a small, low cost, easy-to-use instrument (the io® Reader) and a test-specific disposable cartridge (the io® Cartridge) specifically designed for use in decentralised laboratories, point-of-care and other near-patient settings, providing a laboratory accurate test result in around 30 minutes.

A test and treat solution for STIs

Healthcare professionals are under increasing financial pressures and are constantly striving to improve efficiency whilst maintaining a patient-centred approach to care. Moving patient testing away from centralised laboratories and into decentralised laboratories, point of care and other near-patient setting provides clinicians with actionable test results whilst the patient is still present. This enables a ‘test and treat’ solution, avoiding delays in treatment and the need for unnecessary follow-up appointments.


Using the io® System in a point of care setting

The io® system is a fully automated solution, requiring minimal hands-on time. Following the addition of an unprocessed patient specimen on to the io® Cartridge, the Cartridge is then inserted in to the io® Reader.

The user follows a few simple on-screen prompts to start the test, which is then performed under complete instrument control with no further user intervention necessary. Results are delivered without the need for any user interpretation.

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System Features

The system provides fully customisable user control settings, end-to-end specimen tracking, hospital/laboratory information system connectivity and an on-board Internal Process Control (IPC) which runs automatically to verify every test result.

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