Callisto™ System

The Atlas Genetics Callisto™ system provides a flexible, highly configurable, modular solution to meet a range of different throughput requirements.

Operated by a single controller unit, the Callisto™ can be configured with a single or multiple modules. Each module enables 2 tests to be performed simultaneously, providing a scalable solution for your current and future needs. The Callisto™ is true random access, with all Cartridge slots operating completely independently.


Utilising the same core technology and io® Cartridges as the single slot Atlas Genetics io® Reader, the Callisto™ provides clinicians with the ability to perform a range of different test types on multiple patient specimens in parallel.

The Callisto™ offers a fully-integrated, increased throughput solution with the same features as the single slot Atlas Genetics io® Reader, providing test results in around 30 minutes with minimal hand-on time for the same test menu.

To provide an indication of the potential throughput for the 1, 2 and 4 module options the numbers of tests that can be performed in an 8 hour shift are shown below.


  • 1 module          32 tests
  • 2 modules        64 tests
  • 4 modules        128 tests

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