Atlas Genetics has raised approximately £63m to date from a strong investor base. Last financing was £28m ($35m) Series D (2016) raised from a syndicate including all Series C investors, Novartis Venture Funds, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, LSP (Life Science Partners), BB Biotech Ventures, Consort Medical plc, YFM Equity Partners, RMI Partners and private investors, plus Chinese biotechnology company, Wondfo Biotech.


Public Grants

Atlas Genetics has been awarded grant funding from the South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA), The Wellcome Trust, the United States Institutes of Health and a £1.6m project with The Technology Strategy Board, in partnership with Public Health England.



Atlas Genetics is engaged in a number of collaborative projects with major diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, and various public bodies. We aim to utilise Atlas Genetics’ technology in specific applications outside of the Company’s core product areas of STIs and HAIs to expand the utility of the io® platform.


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