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io® System

The io® diagnostic system, consists of a small, easy-to-use instrument (io® Instrument) and test-specific, disposable cartridges (io® Cartridge), providing accurate, actionable test results in 30 minutes.

Whilst the io® system is a true platform technology, capable of detecting a broad range of infectious diseases, the company’s initial focus is in the area of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), where there is a clear clinical need for rapid, on-demand testing to expedite appropriate treatment, improve patient management and reduce onward transmission of infection.

Cost Effective


Providing a ‘test and treat’ solution, enabling immediate treatment of positive patients with the appropriate therapy, improving compliance, reducing onward transmission, lowering the risk of treatment failure and further complications, and improving antibiotic stewardship.

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Atlas Genetics

Atlas Genetics is creating a new category of in vitro diagnostics focused on decentralized, near-­patient and Point-­of-­Care (POC) testing for everyone. With routine testing rapidly moving from the “hub” to the “spokes,” Atlas’s io® platform is poised to benefit from this growing trend in decentralized testing. The company’s proprietary technology platform positions Atlas in the vanguard of the rapidly evolving and increasingly patient-directed landscape of consumer diagnostics, where convenience, rapid “test and treat,” and portability of platform are becoming critical to success. Atlas aims to meet patients where they are and improve patient outcomes by arming healthcare professionals with a simple-­to-­use, rapid and cost-­effective solution for on-­demand diagnosis of infectious diseases. Rapid turnaround times, high accuracy and low cost are hallmarks of the company’s broad platform for a broad range of infectious diseases. The io® platform offers a sample-­to-­answer time of 30 minutes, or less, making it possible to carry out infectious disease tests in primary care clinics and physicians’ offices anywhere.